Last Update: Aug. 24th, 2013

FNI returns August 30th for it's 24rd season!!

Pittsburgh's longest running comedy show is running Against the Wind for it's 24th season. Were you even born 24 years ago?? Dosen't matter... join us starting August 30th for the best damn show that happens at 11PM in the basement of the Cathedral of Learning. Now with even more John Feightner!! Join us as we welcome John as he begins his reign as the sixth Doctor Host of Friday Night Improvs!



Is Pittsburgh's only all-audience participation comedy improv show! There is no troup or group of performers, just full-blown audience interaction from start to finish!


FNI can be seen every Friday night starting at eleven PM in the Studio Theatre, in the basement of the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland.


Pittsburgh ’s best performers can be seen during our Showcase segment. Are you one of them? Check out the Showcase page.


Help spread the word about FNI to the non-believers! Download posters to make the revolution complete!!

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